First Floor/Painting Hall

The Painting Gallery

From the early centuries of the Islamic Period, (i.e. 12th century) there are few remains. The schools of painting in each era are known by the city of the cities that were the centers of power. At the beginning of the Painting Gallery, there are leaves of the " Shahnameh" from the 14th century and examples of painting from the schools of Shiraz and Tabriz. The paintings from other ancient manuscripts and books of literature that have a high standing in the culture of Iran, show the shools of Heart and Shiraz in the 15th century and Tabriz, Qazvin and Isfahan during the 16th and 17th centuries. Works by Reza Abbasi, the famous painter of his period who is the inspiration for naming this Museum in his honor, can be seen along with works by several of his students. This brings the collection of Safavid painting to a conclusion. The traditional flowers with pleasant colors and birds drunk with the fragrance of the flowers are some samples of Qajar paintings. This brings the works on display to a completion in this Gallery.


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