Second Floor/Islamic Part2

The Islamic Gallery Part II

Objects from the 13th to the end of the 19th centuries are on display in this Gallery. With the attack of the Mongols, the trends, fashions and types of makes as well as centers of fabrication changed. The pottery with different colors and decorative backgrounds in the initial section of this Gallery, are some samples of this period. The metal objects from the Timurid period, which also was a very turbulent time in the history of Iran are some remained ones of this era. The pottery and metal wares from the Safavid period, which shows a different situation prevailing in the country, display differing designs, decorations and colors. The metal wares, textiles and also polychrome lacquer objects with bird and flower designs from the Qajar period reflect a new era in the history of art and culture of Iran and bring collection to a conclusion.


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