Second Floor / The Islamic Gallery Part1

The Islamic Gallery part1

In the first Islamic Gallery, metal objects from the Buyid Period that have designs derived from the Sassanian era with Kufic scripts showing early Islamic influences, the pottery from the 9th to the 11th centuries AD from Naishabur also with Kufic scripts or pottery wares with splashed clear glaze, of multicolored wares attributed to Sari are on display. This collection continues with pottery from the Saljuq Period that shows different techniques, various materials and a greater variety of designs such as enamel, under-glaze painted, monochrome glazes, lustre painted, etc. Most of these were made in cities like Rey, Kashan and Jorjan. The oil lamps, incense burners and other metal objects of the Saljuq Period bring this display to a conclusion.


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