First Floor/Calligraphy Hall

The Calligraphy Gallery

Calligraphy always begins with the name of God. Samples of script in Kufic, Naskh and Thulth on decorated pages from the Holy Quran display the art of early calligraphy from the beginning of the Islamic period. The collection on this Gallery also includes works in the Nasta'liq and Shekasteh-Nasta'liq from the hand of great calligraphers like: Mir Emad, Mirza Gholam Reza and Abdul Majid Darvish. Manuscripts of the Holy Quran decorate other parts of the space in this Gallery. Seeing the evolution and development of book making is possible by viewing the samples of manuscripts from the 15th to the end of the 19th centuries. These words are the names of various scripts of calligraphy.


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