Undoubtedly Sadiq Hedayat is one of the most celebrated and splendid pictures in Iranian contemporary literary, whose works were read and praised beyond his land, all around the world among the thinkers and artists. His personality is not only indicates a special aspect of contemporary literary, but also his position in the field of ethnology and popular culture is respectable.

Collecting, preserving and displaying personal properties of intellectuals, writers and artists, whose works and presence have had an unforgettable effect at their society and also the world is not a so young tradition. We know a great number of such centers, which have been preserved with their own names and presented to the public.

This first plan to establish a center with his own name in his personal house was made in 1977 A.H. To this end and change this place as a literary center, his house locating at Hedayat Street, back of Amir A’lam Hospital was received from his relatives. To show Heyadat’s personal properties in his own house and also reconstruction of his way of life, his family members and friends were called and demanded to hand in personal properties and probably his souvenirs.

After the revolution, unfortunately in spite of considerable development of the plan, Khane-ye (House of) Hedayat was stopped and due to it’s neighborhood with the hospital, this space was allocated to the kindergarten of the hospital. Following the endeavor of Cultural Heritage Center of Tehran Province, House of Hedayat was placed under the support of this center and registered as national heritage.

We hope that we can soon witness inauguration of “Khane-ye Hedayat” as well as presence of thinkers and writers in this center.

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