The Temporary Exhibition Gallery

The Reza Abbasi Museum has allocated a part of its activities to short-term and temporary exhibitions. Therefore, it is possible to see on display some works kept in the storage of the Museum. When opportunity arises, this space is available to contemporary masters in different fields of art similar to those objects on permanent display. Therefore, the relationship of the Museum with more groups in society is enhanced and works of art from the past and present can be seen together.

Reza Abbasi Museum regularly holds two types of exhibitions of either the museum objects or art works such as paintings, calligraphy, miniature, etc. in its exhibition gallery. Exhibitions of museum objects are usually held for one month and art exhibitions for two weeks. The exhibition gallery is open even on Mondays, when the museum is closed.

Reza Abbasi Museum, in order to introduce its collections to the public and make them accessible to interested individuals, has held several temporary exhibitions since its opening. The following are some of these exhibitions.

1- A Millennium after Shahname.
2- Artifacts Conserved in the RAM Workshops.
3- A Review of the Art of Textile Weaving.
4- Introduction of Davari Shahnameh.
5- Exhibition of the Iranian Old Newspapers.
6- Architecture of Jamè (congregational) Mosques.
7- Armenian Churches of Esfahan.
8- Iranian Tileworks.
9- Iranian Traditional Architecture.
Other exhibitions held is conjunction with national and international events are:
1- The Iranian Women Paintings on the occasion of the International Day of Women.
2- The International Day of the Child.
3- Commemoration of the Master Hossein Atighi Moghaddam.
4- The Anniversary of the Masters Hossein and Hassan Mirkhani. 5- Calligraphy works of the Master Yadulah Kaboli.
6- Calligraphy and graphic design exhibition of Mehrdad Shoghidoost.
7- Calligraphy works of the Master Amir Phalsafi.

Now Showing

The Memory of Sadegh

17 May 2003

The Memory of Tehran
Old Homes

8 Feb 2003

Glass of Water

1 - 7 Feb 2003

Caligraphy -
Mojtaba Malek Zadeh

16 Jan - 1 Feb 03

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